Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How I got a new PayPal account (US Account) - Verified

Not sure if this has already been shared with everyone here, but wanted to get this out to everyone who had their eBay banned and/or PayPal restricted/banned.

My eBay was banned in 2011, But not my PayPal account. But after I linked the same PayPal account to a new eBay account, eBay found out that my PayPal was associated with a banned previous eBay seller account. So now I have to get a new PayPal account as well!

How I got a new eBay (US Account)

1. Got a new VPN connection so that eBay won't recognize my old IP. (Well I use the VPN for other purposes as well, it's a good investment for me)
2. Used my family US home address and my google phone number and a new email address to register. (I'm sure all US users can find another address of a friend, family, etc. and get a new google number easily as well)
3. Got a verified eBay account - Check!

How I got a new PayPal account (US Account) - Verified

1. Again used the VPN (hence new IP address) and registered using my google phone number, new email address and my family US home address
2. Bank account information - see below

* I opened a new online banking account (There are many of them out there, google search). I used Ally Bank, and it only took me 5 minutes to register and get verified for my new online checking account. (They send you a free debit card to your address, plus if you use there card at a NON- Ally Bank ATM, they will refund the fee charged by the other banks to your account, and also have a pretty nice interest rate as well , not a bad option to carry a hassle free checking account with no evil fees! )
3. Added this checking account info to PayPal and they sent the two deposits to my online checking, and I verified my bank account through PayPal -Checked
4. How I lifted the $500 withdrawal Limit on PayPal - I used the debit card the bank sent me and verified to lift my $500 limit.

So far they haven't asked for my #SSN or any supporting documents, and I have been selling since 2011 with this new account and have a powerseller eBay account as of now.

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  1. Ally is probably the worst bank to use. I have used them and got shut down as well as a couple of other people. I have tried the banks listed here:

    So far, Chase has been really good to me.